Prawn Skewers – Recipe

Earlier this week I posted an article about the great benefits of prawns and why they are a much better alternative on a barbecue than processed burgers and sausages. After writing that article I realised it would be great to accompany that article with a nice recipe you could try this summer…if we’re lucky maybe Continue reading »

Sustaining Energy Levels

Do you find it hard to get going in the mornings? Do you find it impossible to keep your eyes open after lunch, meaning that you are quite unproductive during the afternoon? Do you crash on the sofa after dinner, finding it impossible to drag yourself to bed? If you answered yes to any of Continue reading »

Lettuce Wraps

These lettuce wraps are a healthy snack and they are very simple to make so there is no need to spend hours in the kitchen for a healthy snack or lunch. You could fill these wraps with whatever you have in your fridge but it’s important to have some lean protein with every meal or Continue reading »