Zest4life private weight loss coach

Are you looking for a private weight loss coach in West London?

Do you work better on a one-to-one basis, rather than in a group? Are you looking for long-term weight loss that’s sustainable, rather than a quick fix?

Have you been struggling for a long time to lose weight and gain vitality?One to One Weight Loss Coach - zest4life in Ealing, West London

If so, then zest4life is the private weight loss coach solution for you, giving you your own personalised weight loss plan.

I offer private weight loss coaching on a one to one basis. Appointments can be arranged at times to suit you and at a frequency that works for you, and are held at Bridge to Health in Ealing.

I will work with you to:

  • improve your blood sugar balance and diminish cravings
  • improve your relationship with food and exercise
  • help you implement long-term healthy lifestyle changes
  • improve your energy levels
  • improve your digestion
  • find what really motivates you
  • overcome any barriers that you may have had in the past with any yo-yo dieting
  • give you the knowledge to make the right choices and control around food
  • get your bounce back and achieve your target weight!

Private Weight Loss Coach – Packages

The Introductory zest4life One-to-One weight loss coach package consists of:

  • an initial consultation, lasting one and a half hours, where I will review your health and you will learn all about the low GL diet, set your goals and undertake a health assessment.
  • This is followed by five 30 minute consultations where we review progress, analyse your food diary, work through barriers you may have faced, and set your weight loss, health and fitness goals for the next week

The time can be used to meet your needs. For example, you may wish to focus on a particular area of your health or diet, a specific barrier that you are facing, or you may wish to use the time for menu planning.

Each session will include:

  • body composition analysis
    • weight,
    • body fat % and mass,
    • muscle mass,
    • metabolic rate,
    • metabolic age
    • visceral fat
    • and hydration levels,
  • food diary analysis
  • menu planning
  • and goal setting every time.

You will be provided with zest4life course materials including a Nutrition Success manual (including 8 weeks of menu plans including vegetarian plans), a Personal Development Record booklet, food diaries and menu planners.

How much does the zest4life private weight loss coach package cost?

The cost for the introductory package is £385 and for the ongoing coaching package is £275 for 5 additional coaching sessions and £499 for 10.

If you would like to find out more about zest4life private weight loss coaching please call me on 07967 639347, book in for a free Discovery Call or email emily@4wellpeople.co.uk

Patrick Holford's One to One Weight Loss Coach - zest4life in Ealing, West London

What do previous clients say?

I struggled through years of trying to lose weight and then came across Emily’s fantastic weight loss programme. I promptly lost four kilogrammes over two months and haven’t put any of the weight back on two months later. The reason? What Emily offers is a no-nonsense diet for life and health programme.

My sugar cravings are gone, my stamina has improved and my skin tone is better. And Emily is an outstanding coach and mentor in steering you towards changing your weight building habits! I heartily recommend her.

Valerie, Ealing

I have learned so much from Emily, particularly about balancing my blood sugar levels. I have lost over half a stone and my cravings for sweet food have disappeared.

Rachel, Ealing

Emily was very patient and answered the many questions I had, specifying food portions and combinations, and pointing out where I had gone wrong for so many years. Emily is very knowledgeable and I find that there is nothing much that she does not know when it comes to nutrition, diet, exercise, relaxation, supplements and alternative therapies.

In three months, I have lost 6 kilos, 10cms from my waist and 10% body fat. My hydration and energy levels have gone up whilst my fasting blood sugar levels have returned back to being normal at 6.0. Emily follows the guidelines of Patrick Holford’s Low GL diet. She provides you with several booklets, advice as to what you can eat/drink or should avoid when lunching or dining out and is always available to answer questions.

I would certainly recommend Emily to anybody who would want to consult a truly good nutritional expert and achieve durable weight loss.”

Aline, Ealing

Where are the zest4life private weight loss coach sessions held?

I see private weight loss clients at Bridge to Health at 12 Broomfield Road, Ealing W13 9AP