Client Testimonials

Watch this video to see testimonials from three of my happy clients!


“I started working with Emily in late March 2023.   I was struggling with low energy and mood, and excess weight around my middle.  Emily taught me how to regulate my food intake and increase my protein with every meal.   She suggested supplements which have helped increase my energy together with improving my diet and looking at my stress levels.    It’s only June and not only have I lost weight, body fat and 4 inches from my waist, I have seen a huge increase in my energy levels.  I wake up refreshed and no longer have ‘dip’ later in the day.    I also cope with stress far better than I did before I saw Emily. ”

June 2023

“I went to Emily Fawell to discuss concerns about diabetes. I found her knowledgeable, thoughtful and professional. After a review she drew up a personal plan. After two weeks I lost half a stone, which I’ve kept off easily and as a bonus my migraines have dramatically reduced. For a few simple changes I feel much better. I would highly recommend Emily her advice is considered and effective.”

June 2023

“I have found my appointments with Emily Fawell very helpful, enjoyable and useful and certainly felt I benefited. I found Emily very pleasant, professional, caring and conscientious and thorough in her work. She is well informed and up to date in her advice, drawing on her knowledge of nutrition and diet as well as available supplements and tests. It was great to have someone so well informed to guide me through what can see like a minefield of opinion, advice and products ! I would definitely recommend consulting Emily.”

June 2023

“I have worked with Emily on and off over the years and her professionalism along with her personal service creates a very effective solution to health and wellbeing problems. She is knowledgeable and up to date with all new contemporary solutions and developments which provides confidence in a very direct way which gets results. I would highly recommend.”

June 2023

“Emily has been a great help to me over the last year. She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly, and truly prioritises your well-being over all else. Her approach and the online platform she uses make it very easy to ask questions, access test results and follow her plans. If you have any stomach related problems or just want to improve your relationship with food, she is a great and approachable resource. I wish I had reached out to her sooner.”

June 2023

“Emily was very empathic and helpful. I had eczema and with a few diet tweaks and some supplements, my eczema resolved itself. I had tried all the doctors creams before with no success so I was really happy with the result! I found Emily very thorough and she listened well and worked with me instead of telling me what to do which was great. I can highly recommend her.”

June 2023

“I was deeply impressed by Emily’s knowledge of diet and nutrition which were tailored to my individual circumstances. She remained empathetic and encouraging throughout our sessions and set realistic goals which she closely monitored. In addition, she posted a number of blogs which were interesting and informative. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

June 2023

“I found Emily to be an excellent advisor who listens carefully to the needs of her clients. Emily creates great plans for her clients that realistic and takes time to understand their lifestyles and how an improved diet plan may work around that. I am a lone parent so time does not allow for much time spent in the kitchen. Emily is a lovely lady and extremely approachable and recommends one for further tests as and when necessary.

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking for assistance. She is very sympathetic, genuine and 100% does not judge. Therefore one does not feel shy or embarrassed to talk about their potential bad habits or side effects and symptoms they would otherwise perhaps feel shy to raise with others or even the GP.”

June 2023

“Really helpful – Emily was brilliant at giving me easy tweaks for my diet to give me more energy. She is really knowledgeable about Long Covid, which I suffer from, and gave great advice and support.”

Ms N, Ealing

“Emily is extremely knowledgeable and brilliant at assessing your issues and offering solutions. She is super kind and supportive with it”

Mrs M, Ealing

“Emily put me at ease from first contact and right through the consulting process. She demonstrated her knowledge comprehensively and with immense kindness, explaining and understanding my personal needs and giving immediate and long-term advice. I would definitely recommend Emily for all ages. Thanks Emily for changing my life”

Mrs B, Ealing

“Emily is fantastic, she has been helping me for the last 12 years with my nutrition and health , I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years and with Emily’s help have found out I have Coeliac Disease and after this discovery and with Emily’s nutrition advice, I have been medication free for the last ten years . High recommend her as she can help with all aspects of health and well being”

Mrs H, Ealing

“An ordinary day at the office.  Inspecting my face on the mirror while washing my hands, I noted an eye vessel had popped.  Given my excess weight, I was prompted to check my blood pressure.  Unsurprisingly, it was showing astronomical values.  Risk of heart attack, and all sorts of things you mentally distance yourself from when you hear about them.  Further checks also revealed I was on the pre-diabetes spectrum.  At least I found some sort of explanation for the frequent and painful migraines.  My GP emphasised the link to excess weight and lack of physical activity.  Not that I needed a qualified health practitioner to tell me I was carrying more weight than I should – paying attention to the mirror should’ve sufficed. I got scared.  I decided I needed help.

Internet-based research led me to Emily and I thank all the mathematical and probability models behind those mouse clicks that led me to her.  It’s now been four months since I started seeing her and I’ve been on a sustained, well-paced, and easy to maintain path to losing weight and getting healthier. She explained the plan and helped me getting organised and focused.

I guess the most difficult aspect of weight loss plans is all the preparation that it carries along, and Emily has a wealth of useful tips to tackle each hurdle you find along the way. I had always been very sceptical about going to see a nutritionist.  I stereotyped them as brainwashers who would insist that I survive on leaves.  Emily changed that stereotype from the very first visit.  I’m eating real, tasty, filling, food.  In fact, since I started seeing Emily, I can barely count or remember the times in which I’ve actually felt hungry or even peckish. Blood pressure is down to very healthy levels, diabetes risk has reduced drastically, migraines have disappeared, I’ve changed size and I keep finding my clothes too loose, and, what’s probably best, I feel so energetic. I cannot recommend Emily high enough.  She’s an expert nutritionist, you’ll see results very soon after you start, you’ll feel good, you’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile!”

AR, Ealing

“I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II in September 2013 and my GP wanted me to lose weight as a means of lowering down my blood sugar levels which were 7.8 at the time. A friend recommended me to see Emily for nutritional advice and weight loss. Emily was very patient and answered the many questions I had about my condition, specifying food portions and combinations, and pointing out where I had gone wrong for so many years. She also explained to me in detail the significance of the various blood tests performed by my GP prior to being diagnosed as a diabetic. Emily is very knowledgeable and I find that there is nothing much that she does not know when it comes to nutrition, diet, exercise, relaxation, supplements and alternative therapies. In three months, I have lost 6 kilos, 10cms from my waist and 10% body fat. My hydration and energy levels have gone up whilst my fasting blood sugar levels have returned back to being normal at 6.0. Emily follows the guidelines of Patrick Holford’s low GL diet in her zest4life classes. She provides you with several booklets during the course, advice as to what you can eat/drink or should avoid when lunching or dining out and is always available to answer even the silliest of questions. The Holford Diet Cookbook provided me with lots of delicious recipes and with an allowance of up to 45 Gls per day I never feel hungry, which is an essential factor in one’s motivation to persevere with the diet. I would certainly recommend Emily and her zest4life classes to anybody who would want to consult a truly good nutritional expert and achieve durable weight loss.”

Mrs A, Ealing

“I went to see Emily to discuss my peri menopausal symptoms which I’d been suffering from for a couple of months. The hot flushes were waking me from my sleep every night, and making it difficult to get back to sleep. I was suffering with mood swings and the general feeling of not being myself. I was shattered and miserable. Emily made dietary suggestions and recommended a supplement programme. I started following Emily’s advice and for a couple of months I saw no change, and was starting to think that it wasn’t going to work for me, when suddenly the symptoms all but disappeared. I have now been following Emily’s plan for about six months and have not looked back! I really recommend you see Emily. It worked for me.”

Sara, Ealing

Testimonials for 4Well People Nutrition

“I have suffered with Crohn’s disease for 18 years and have undergone major surgery, prolonged hospitalisation and steroid therapy. I first saw Emily two years ago and was immediately impressed with her knowledge of the disease and also with her human approach. She not only recognised the physiological problems but also the impact that the illness can have on my day to day life. She was very sensitive to what can be an embarrassing condition. She explained in simple terms how Crohn’s disease affects the nutritional state and absorption processes and gave me realistic advice which was clear, concise and easy to follow. I am currently in remission, but remain under Emily’s care to ensure this continues”

Mrs Plevin, Ealing

“I was unsure of what to expect by having a consultation with a nutritional therapist, but Emily put me at ease straight away. She totally understood my issues and took a very detailed account of my lifestyle. By following the recommended plan I found that my energy levels were more consistent throughout the day and I developed a more positive attitude towards food. I was delighted to learn that by simply altering a few of my eating patterns I could feel so much better! I would have no hesitation in recommending Emily to my family and friends, and to anybody who was considering seeing a nutritionist.”

Miss Anand, Richmond

Testimonials - 4Well People Nutritionist services

“Prior to receiving advice from Emily I would suffer with frequent headaches, sugar cravings, recurrent sinus infections and asthma attacks. As a result of following my nutritional programme I no longer suffer with headaches at all, have gained good control of my blood sugar levels, and have been almost totally free from sinus infections and asthma attacks. My overall sense of wellbeing has improved and I have also lost 10lbs in weight. Through functional testing Emily has also discovered the underlying cause of many of my symptoms. I would recommend Emily to anyone who is looking to improve their health”

Matt, Cardiff

“I was a classic case of an all or nothing attitude when it came to a healthy lifestyle. For years I had bouts of being exceptionally good with exercise and diet, usually with a goal in mind, and afterwards slacking off and undoing all my good work. Emily has worked with me to create a nutritional programme and a suggested exercise regime that is realistically maintainable. She helped me understand the aspects of my diet that affected my health beyond my weight. As a consequence of my sessions with Emily I feel fabulous and for the first time have a balanced approach to food and fitness. I would recommend Emily to anyone who wants to optimise their health and wellbeing”

Jane, Ealing

“My wife and I approached Emily primarily to look at improving our chances of conception. However I also wanted to discuss a long standing issue with indigestion and trapped wind which had plagued me for most of my adult life. Emily showed great understanding of our needs and we hope that our new diet and programme of supplements will lead to success. More directly and quiet dramatically I am now completely cleared of my previous digestion challenges and feel 100% better with what I am eating. I am already very grateful for Emily’s expertise”.

Mr C, West London

The above testimonials are from previous clients who I have had the pleasure to work with. If you are concerned about your health and would like to find out how nutritional therapy could help with your health issues, please contact me on 07967 639347 or email I work from Bridge to Health Clinic in Ealing.