Self-care – Are you making time for it?

self-care journal

Self-care is something that many of us struggle to commit to. We are all so busy, rushing from one appointment to another, looking after others ahead of ourselves, that we leave little time for rest and recuperation. This long-term, low-level stress can be very depleting for the body and can make us more susceptible to Continue reading »

Nutrigenomics: Are you curious?

nutrigenomics image of dna

I’ve recently completed a 10 week Nutrigenomics Practitioner training programme with Lifecode Gx, one of the leading suppliers of genomic reports, and I’m proud to say that I am now a certified provider of their tests.   What is Nutrigenomics? Nutrigenomics is the practice of using nutritional and lifestyle strategies tailored to an individual’s unique Continue reading »

Are punishing goals really an effective way of starting the year?

gentle goals journal

It’s almost half- way through January as I write this and I wonder how you are getting on with your goals? The last 2 years have been tough for all of us as we’ve had to navigate ever-changing rules and regulations, uncertainty, isolation and for many, illness. That’s why I’m encouraging you to make BE Continue reading »

HRT cake – bursting with phytoestrogens!

HRT cake full of phytoestrogens

This delicious wholesome HRT cake is packed full of phytoestrogens to keep your hormones balanced and hot flushes at bay. Enjoy with a cup of green tea!   Ingredients for the HRT cake: • 100 gr. soya flour • 100 gr. wholemeal flour • 100 gr. rolled oats (porridge oats) • 100 gr. linseeds • Continue reading »

Doctor in the House – BBC1

  Did you watch the first episode of Doctor in the House on BBC1? It was brilliant! If you didn’t manage to it is still on the BBC Iplayer – here is a link It’s available for the next 28 days and episode two is on tonight,  Thursday 26th November. Why was it so great Continue reading »

Lifestyle & food for healthy bones: top 10 tips

1) Take regular exercise. Every time our feet make contact with the floor, tiny fractures are created throughout the bone, and this damage triggers the body to repair the bone, thus increasing bone density. Those with a sedentary lifestyle are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis and sustaining fractures. The best forms of exercise for Continue reading »

How to deal with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS is defined as a collection of symptoms that occur after ovulation and disappear on arrival of menstruation. There are over 150 different types of symptoms, although there are many common symptoms such as tension, irritability, depression, breast tenderness, backache, bloating, water retention, diarrhoea and constipation, headache and acne. It has been estimated that 70-90% Continue reading »

Balancing Hormones

Balancing hormones Hormone levels can become disrupted by increased stress, the contraceptive pill, weight gain, some drugs and exposure to xenoestrogens (chemicals found in our food and environment which have an oestrogenic effect on the body and may disrupt hormone balance). Control exposure to external oestrogens Xenoestrogens are found in plastics, plastic bottles, non-organic cotton Continue reading »


Phytoestrogens are a group of naturally occurring plant compounds that exert oestrogen-like effects in the body. Currently, research is being carried out to determine the nutritional role of these substances in metabolic functions such as the regulation of cholesterol and the maintaining of proper bone density post-menopause. The evidence is accruing that foods that contain Continue reading »