Tuna & Cannellini Tabbouleh – Recipe

Perfect for Spring – Tuna & Cannellini Tabbouleh Serves 4 (8GLs per serving) Cannellini beans provide more protein than any other plant-derived food and is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues. Their good work doesn’t stop there as they also provide B-complex vitamins, responsible for metabolising energy, normalising blood sugar and many more necessary Continue reading »

Super Speedy Tuna – Recipe

Super Speedy Tuna Serves 2, 7 GL’s per serving Ingredients: 2 fresh tuna steaks 1 small jar of tomato pasta sauce (check the sauce is not high sugar) Squeeze of lemon juice 1/2 tbsp olive oil Black pepper to taste 160g aduki beans (can be bought frozen) or similar beans (canned) Savoy cabbage Method: 1. Continue reading »

Speedy Tuna with Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

These recipes provide good sources of Calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, vit A, folic acid, and are naturally antibiotic, antioxidant and detoxifying. Also good for bones, skin and metabolism. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids for our protein requirements, it is a nutritionally perfect food as well as being very versatile, working as both carbohydrate and protein in a meal. This Tabbouleh recipe is simply delicious and so quick to make. Continue reading »