How to prevent weight gain during Christmas

How to prevent weight gain during Christmas

In this article, we will teach you how to prevent weight gain during Christmas, even if the festive period is full of unhealthy temptations! Alcohol, rich puddings, sweets, chocolates, crisps, roasted nuts, buffet food etc.: it’s hard to resist! We are presented with plates overflowing with food, in the name of celebrating, and it’s a Continue reading »

Doctor in the House – BBC1

  Did you watch the first episode of Doctor in the House on BBC1? It was brilliant! If you didn’t manage to it is still on the BBC Iplayer – here is a link It’s available for the next 28 days and episode two is on tonight,  Thursday 26th November. Why was it so great Continue reading »

Top tips for sugar reduction

Earlier this month I gave a talk on sugar to a very attentive audience (including a teenager!), and they all left with the resolve to cut down on this very harmful substance. Sugar is finally being acknowledged for the serious impact that it is having on our nation’s health. There are of course the obvious Continue reading »

Raw Blackcurrant Ice Cream

Have you heard of raw ice cream? I made some the other day with the blackcurrants I had frozen from my garden and it was amazing, and so quick and easy to make. It’s dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan, and packed full of essential fats and antioxidants. The cashew nuts give it a really creamy taste Continue reading »

Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss

As the summer approaches many of us start to worry about our weight and body shape as we want to fit into our summer clothes and feel confident in them. This is especially true if you’ve recently had a baby, and quite naturally have some pounds to lose. If you are breast feeding, please don’t Continue reading »

Patrick Holford’s Low GL Moussaka

Aubergines are my favourite vegetable and I’m always looking for new recipes that use them. Moussaka is an obvious dish to choose, but with the flour in the sauce and the saturated fat content of the usual cheese topping, it’s not what I would choose as a healthy option. So I thought I’d give Patrick Continue reading »