zest4life nutrition & weight loss September 2014 plus premium package!

Are your thoughts turning to how to make good all the summer indulgences of ice creams, rosé and chips?

Have no fear the dates are set for zest4life in September, so you can get back on track and have the figure and energy you want in time for Christmas! (Did I really just mention Christmas?!)

zest4life is a healthy approach to weight loss. It’s not about crash dieting or counting calories. It’s all about learning how to balance your blood sugar levels, and as a result your energy and mood improves, cravings disappear and you naturally lose weight. It’s not about shakes, meal replacements or processed foods. It’s all about real food: delicious wholesome food, inspiring recipes and stimulating your taste buds.


I have been running zest4life nutrition and weight loss classes in Ealing since 2009 and have had some great success stories. The course is very well structured, and packed full of information. Some clients refer to it as a nutrition course, which is essentially what it is. The course materials (a Nutrition Booklet, and your own Personal Development Record booklet) are very professional and enable us to monitor many aspects of your success, not just weight loss.

The course is a combination of nutritional education and coaching. The tools I use are based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and are very effective at getting you to think positively and be ready for change.

Groups are small (less than 10 people) which means that I have time to talk to you individually and the sessions are very interactive.

This term I am introducing a premium package which entitles you, over the course of the 10 week programme to two 30 minute coaching sessions with me. These could be used at the start to check that your goals are well formed and motivating;  or at any point during the 10 weeks if you find that you are struggling with a personal barrier or drop in motivation.

The cost of the programme starting on September 24th is £179 for the standard package, including a two hour Introductory Workshop or £229 for the Premium package including 60 minutes of one to one coaching.

To find out more about zest4life nurtition and weight loss before committing why not sign up for my FREE seminar on Wednesday 17th September? Places are limited so book now!

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