zest4life Introductory workshop

Patrick Holford's zest4life nutrition & weightloss

Would you like to lose weight, whilst gaining vitality and energy?

If so why not come along to a zest4life introductory workshop, to find out about this successful and proven approach to weight loss.

On Wednesday 1st May at 7.30pm I will be hosting a 2 hour workshop where you will find out all you need to know about zest4life including:

  • full details on the Low GL Diet which we follow in the zest4life programme;
  • how it works;
  • why it’s so successful
  • and you’ll get to undertake a health questionnaire to assess the current state of your health.

At the end of the workshop you will know if signing up for my next zest4life nutrition & weight loss programme is right for you.

The two hour zest4life nutrition and weight loss workshop is being held on Wednesday 1st May at:

Bridge to Health, 12 Broomfield Road, Ealing W13 9AP at 7.30pm

Here are some quotes & reviews from some of my zest4life participants:

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this good” Martina, who in her first 4 weeks lost half a stone and four inches from around her waist

“Since joining zest4life I have more energy throughout the day, my IBS symptoms have disappeared and I feel younger and fitter. I have lost over two stone and dropped 3 dress sizes!” Donna

“My energy levels are up and the compliments that I’m receiving about how I am glowing make me want to keep going” Clare, who in 4 weeks had lost 10lbs

“Not only am I steadily losing weight but I feel so much better – it’s amazing” Jose, who in 4 weeks had lost 6lbs

“The changes I have learned to make in just the first six weeks of zest4life have already lifted my mood and made me less prone to mood swings. I have lost 7lbs in weight and am beginning to see a positive change in my body shape. The diet is easy to follow and I do not feel deprived of anything, as stabilising my blood sugar levels has lessened my cravings for the unhealthy foods I previously considered necessary to get me through the day” Claire

“After having my two children, I had crept up to a size 18.  On top of that, in my mid-40s, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and IBS.  I didn’t know where to turn.  I took up running, which helped – but I needed an extra oomph!  As soon as I walked into Emily’s Zest4Life nutrition class, I felt at ease.  This wasn’t one of those embarrassing weight loss meetings which I had avoided all my life, but hear about with trepidation from friends.  Emily was very patient, friendly and approachable and she was extremely knowledgeable about how my condition had affected my weight … and showed me ways of changing my diet to deal with this.  In 18 months of attending Emily’s classes, I am now down to a size 12; I have lost 3 stone, 20cm from my waist and 12% body fat.  On top of that, my energy levels have quadrupled.  Everybody comments positively about how I look … but most of all, I feel good about myself once again.  Thanks Emily”.  Donna, Ealing

“For years I’ve struggled with my weight and stress levels, tried every diet in the book from cabbage soup to no fat, none of which have been sustainable of course!! Then I took the decision to really do something about it. So I signed up to Zest4Life as recommended by my sister. Finally I now understand how the science bit works when it comes to food! No wonder I used to struggle so much. Within 12 weeks my body fat has dropped and I discovered my waist after many years, loosing 6cm in my first 6 weeks. I see results weekly. I’m never hungry and I can allow myself to occasionally eat stuff that’s not as nutritionally good for me, but I now thanks to Emily I’m much more aware of why I make the food choices I do and how to make the right ones. Zest4Life is all based on being positive not punitive around food.  Friends and colleagues have all noticed a difference in my body shape, energy, mood and skin and have asked me my secret.  All I can say is give this a go, Emily has a wealth of knowledge which she helps us introduce into our everyday lives in a practical, positive way!”  Kit, Chiswick

“I like this healthy eating plan because it does what it says on the tin – gives you zest for life! What’s more you never feel you have deprived yourself” Sarah, who in 4 weeks had lost 5lbs


If you would like to lose weight, whilst gaining energy and vitality book now to reserve your place at the zest4life nutrition and weightloss workshop with 4Well People in Ealingintroductory workshop on Wednesday 1st May Places are limited so book now!

Tickets cost just £29 (this fee will be deducted from the 10 week programme fee should you decide to sign up).

To reserve your place please use the link below to pay with Paypal

Please feel free to call me on 07967 639347 if you have any questions, or email emily@4wellpeople.co.uk