Rich Chestnut & Chocolate Mousse

For the health conscious sweet-tooth

Do you want the food you put in your mouth to be healthy and nutritious but are you not averse to something sweet every once in a while? Being health conscious doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to cut out everything sweet. Do you feel your sweet tooth striking, don’t resist it and try the following recipe. No need to feel guilty after indulging in this deliciously creamy chestnut & chocolate mousse dessert.

Chestnut & Chocolate mousse



Serves 8 (9GLs per serving)


  • 200g Chestnuts or chestnut puree (if using chestnuts, blend before using)
  • 180g 70% cocoa rich dark chocolate
  • 4tbs low fat greek yoghurt
  • 4 tbs Xylitol (or to taste)


  1. Melt the chocolate in a large glass bowl over a medium heat
  2. While the chocolate is still warm, mix in the chestnut puree
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and blend to a smooth paste, adding more yoghurt if necessary
  4. Serve chilled in ramekin dishes with a few raspberries for decoration

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