Zest4life Nutrition Seminar – Start Here!

The free Zest4life Weight Loss & Nutrition Seminar is for you if you’d like…

  • to be free from afternoon dips and mood swings
  • have more energy
  • to improve your digestion
  • to have better skin
  • as a natural side effect, to lose some weight
free weight loss and nutrition seminar ealing

Lose weight and gain vitality with zest4life nutrition and weight loss programmes!

If you’d like to improve any of the above, then come along to the next FREE zest4life seminar on Wednesday 24th April at 8pm

You will find out all about the zest4life weight loss and nutrition programme, and how it could help you gain vitality.

Please contact me now to book a place at my next FREE seminar at Bridge to Health, 12 Broomfield Road, Ealing W13 9AP. Email emily@4wellpeople.co.uk or call 07967639347.

Before signing up, find out all the details about the 10 week Zest4Life programme organised by 4Well People.

Here’s a quote from someone who recently attended the Nutrition Seminar  and completed the programme:

“I participated in Emily’s Zest for Life course in January this year. I really liked the structure of the programme: it wasn’t just about being weighed and receiving a pep talk. We set goals and explored physical, mental and emotional approaches to our health and well being.

I’m so glad my weight was not the only thing that was measured: my approach to weight has changed now I know that an increase in muscle mass can occur even if no weight has been lost, or if you’ve gained weight. I’ve recently joined a gym, and my focus is going to be muscle gain. An added bonus is that my metabolic age went down by 12 years! Emily’s scales measure that, too.

Emily was so encouraging and welcoming. She created a warm environment in which to reflect on my health. It was good to discuss weight from a health and nutrition perspective with a professional. The course taught me to consider the impact of sugar on my health, so I really feel I came away having learned something that will stay with me

Laurie, Ealing
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