DNAFit Diet and Coaching for Weight Loss

Maximise your genetic potentialAre you fed up with diets that don’t work?

Do you suspect that your genes have a role to play in your weight loss struggle?

In my opinion, it’s quite likely that they do. Which is why I offer DNA Weight Loss Coaching.

I have been offering DNA tests to my clients for over 5 years. It has enabled me to refine the weight loss plans that I create for clients according to their genes, because a one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to weight loss.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say:

“After years of trying different approaches to weight loss I was fed up of the scales yo-yoing for no reason and took the plunge earlier this year and decided to undertake the DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro test with Emily. The test was straightforward to carry out and we had the results back in a couple of weeks. The reports were very comprehensive and Emily talked me through the implications of each of my gene variations, explaining how I needed to alter my diet to optimise weight loss and health. I am so pleased that I decided to do the test! I am thrilled with the results and the control that I now feel that I have over my weight. It has also given me a great insight into how my body responds to different types of exercise and I am enjoying exercise more than ever. If you are deliberating over the financial investment I would encourage you to do it!” Sarah, Ealing

I can provide you with a DNA weight loss coaching programme that is targeted to maximise your genetic potential using cutting edge science.

Benefits of DNA weight loss coaching

  • Your dietary approach is tailored to your individual genes enabling you to make smarter diet choices
  • You will understand how your genetic make up is impacting your ability to lose weight
  • Weekly face to face coaching from a weight loss expert with NLP training
  • Specific data every week on your progress – not just focussed on weight, but body fat and muscle mass too
  • You maintain your motivation through regular weekly sessions and setting realistic, short-term goals
  • Your food diary and exercise regime is monitored every week, helping you to stay on track
  • Your personal health issues are taken into account when planning your dietary approach
  • You find out what type of exercise your body is best suited to
  • I can help you explore potential nutrient deficiencies that could be impacting your ability to lose weight
  • I can create a personalised supplement plan for you to support your weight loss
  • 10 weeks is a realistic time frame for changing habits and seeing significant weight loss
  • You will have a plan for long term sustainable weight loss

10 week DNA Weight Loss Coaching Programme

Week One:

We meet for a 1.5 hour consultation where we review your health via two short questionnaires. I talk you through the Low Carbohydrate diet and we set your long-term, 10 week and 7 day goals. We measure your body composition for the first time (weight, body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age).

You leave with a pdf booklet detailing the diet in detail, 8 weeks of menu plans, your coaching booklet where we have recorded your goals, detailed body composition statistics, a food and lifestyle diary to complete and your DNAFit kit

Week Two:

Whilst we are waiting for your DNA results we meet for a 30-minute progress check where we undertake your body composition again, review your food and lifestyle diary and set goals for the next 7 days. If you are interested I can create a tailored Supplement Plan for you.

Week Three:

We will meet for a 1 hour consultation where we review the results of your DNA test. As part of the test you will receive the following reports:

  • Overview of your results
  • The best diet for you
  • Risk of obesity
  • Your genes and nutrients
  • Your genes and fitness
  • Your genes and bone mineral density
  • Your genes and stress & sleep

In addition to these seven comprehensive reports, I will also create a simple summary one-pager describing the foods you should avoid, eat more of and eat less of.

We will also measure your body composition and set goals for the next 7 days, based on the new genetic information that we have.

Weeks Four  – Ten

We meet for a 30-minute progress check where we undertake your body composition again, review your food and lifestyle diary and set goals for the next 7 days, keeping you on track and motivated.

The cost of this comprehensive, personalised weight loss programme is £799 (payment plans are available).

Here’s another quote from one of my clients:

“Emily, I feel more energised and awake, hence I’m being more productive. You identified through Nutrigenomic testing the deficiencies in my health and advised specific diet and supplements required for my optimal health. The fog in my head has gone and I’m motivated and mindful about good nutrition and exercise knowing I can return to you for future checks and updates. I feel safe in your hands – your knowledge on nutrition is exceptional. Thank you!” Deborah, Ealing

So if you want a weight loss plan that really works, and is tailored to your personal genetic make up, book in for a free Discovery Call to find out more