The Brain Health Programme

  • Are you anxious or prone to low mood?
  • Do you suffer with brain fog?
  • Are you worried about your risk of cognitive decline?

Our mood, memory and general well being are dependent on the functioning of our brain cells and the production of brain chemicals. Any imbalance here can lead to problems such as brain fog, forgetfulness, anxiety, low mood, cognitive decline and dementia. The good news is that the imbalances that are often at the root of brain-related issues may be corrected using nutrition and other lifestyle strategies.

I am delighted to be able to offer The Brain Health Programme to my clients. The programme is a combination of face to face Nutritional Therapy and online workshops

What is included in the online Brain Health Programme?

  • Two Nutritional Therapy consultations either face to face or via online video conference.
  • Initial consultation: I will review your health questionnaire and discuss your goals, specific health concerns or symptoms as well as your medical and family history. I will also want to understand more about your lifestyle and factors that may help or hinder your progress. You will then receive some tailored recommendations during the consultation, including supplement recommendations, and these will be followed with a report confirming the key points discussed.
    If appropriate, I may recommend some laboratory tests. These will be at an additional cost should you wish to proceed with any.
  • Six online recorded workshops that you can listen to at a time convenient for you (we recommend once per week for six weeks). The workshops are each 30 to 60 minutes long.
  • Summary documents to accompany each workshop.
  • A forty-nine page booklet referred to as The Self Care Journey, which contains activities for you to complete between each workshop. The activities are designed to help you with motivation and fully engage in the change process to achieve sustainable, long-term change.
  • A twenty-six page recipe booklet (a vegetarian version is also available) with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Follow-up consultation: during this second consultation we will review your progress and make changes to your programme as appropriate. This consultation usually takes place approximately four weeks after the initial consultation.

The online workshops cover:

• Nutrition for the Brain: Just like any other organ, the brain requires certain nutrients to function properly. On the other hand, some foodstuffs can actually jeopardise brain function. The Programme explores the very best foods to eat, as well as ways of eating, to optimise the brain and help prevent cognitive decline.

• Optimising Gut Health: Science has revealed that what goes on in our digestive tract can have a profound influence on mood and mental functioning. The Programme explores this ‘gut-brain axis’ and provides practical advice on how to ensure a healthy gut.

• Stress Management: Persistently elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can kill brain cells and negatively affect brain function. The Programme examines this association and offers practical advice for reducing stress naturally.

• Improving Sleep: Sleep is vital for optimal brain health. Statistics show we are sleeping less, and problems such as getting to sleep or staying asleep are common. The Programme provides strategies for optimising sleep and maintaining mental functioning.

• Physical Activity: Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps to produce brand new cells within the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. The Programme reveals how exercise can lift mood and help with stress management.

• Brain Training: There’s an old adage -‘use it or lose it’. The adult brain continuously adapts to relevant sensory stimulation, and The Brain Health Programme explores how exercising the brain allows new connections to be created and maintained.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for The Brain Health Programme is £299, excluding tests and supplements

Want to find out more?

To find out more about The Brain Health Programme visit the website

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The Brain Health Programme is a combination of face to face Nutritional Therapy and online workshops designed to provide you with personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to optimise the function of your brain for better mood, memory and focus.