Nutrition and Hypnofertility

Stress can often be a significant factor in the inability to conceive and for this reason, Emily has paired up with Jo Simons, an Ealing based Hypnotherapist and Reflexologist, who offers Hypnofertility to those trying to conceive.

What is Hypnofertility?

Hypnofertility sessions will help support your journey to parenthood.  They can help you be in best place emotionally to navigate through unexplained infertility, assisted fertility programmes, a previous miscarriage or failed IVF treatment.

During a Hypnofertility session you will feel in a dream-like state. You will be aware of what is going on, in control of what you say and most people find it a calming experience. By working with your unconscious mind in this way, we can shift any unhelpful ways of thinking, feeling or behaving by using powerful mind and body techniques including visualisation and suggestions.

How can Hypnofertility help?

Fertility Hypnotherapy could help you to:

  • Reduce anxiety and manage stress. Lowering stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin enables the body to keep sex hormones in balance. You will learn tools to help you stay calm and regain control
  • Restore confidence and self esteem.
  • Help you overcome feelings of anger, jealousy, guilt, stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Resolve beliefs which may be hindering you conceiving, for example fears about pregnancy, childbirth or being a mother.
  • Make important lifestyle changes such as improvements to diet, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake or committing to exercise
  • Resolve relationship issues. The fertility journey can be tough on relationships
  • Come to terms with infertility if necessary

Jo’s story

I spent many years struggling with infertility, suffering with issues such as not feeling good enough, a fear of needles needed for IVF, as well as general anxiety, frustration and jealousy. My relationship suffered with my mood and I found that even those closest to you, found it hard to understand the anxiety and mixed emotions that you go through.

I tried IUI and then IVF. I did eventually conceive and am blessed to be a mum, so I can appreciate the emotions and stress you are probably going through.

I now specialise in supporting women on their Fertility journey and through Pregnancy.  I have additional specific training in Fertility Hypnotherapy & Fertility Reflexology. This has given me array of natural tools which could assist you to boost your well-being and reduce stress whilst helping to make sure your mind is in the best possible place for you to conceive.

Joint Nutrition and Hypnofertility package

We believe that by combining nutrition and hypnofertility you are giving yourself the best chance of conceiving, by supporting both your body and mind

The joint nutrition and hypnofertility package comprises:

  • An Initial Nutritional Therapy consultation lasting one hour and fifteen minutes where I review your health, current symptoms, health history and diet.
  • Following the session I will provide you with a personalised Health Improvement Plan and Supplement Plan. The Health Improvement Plan will contain all the changes you need to optimise your diet for conception
  • You will undertake a Hair Mineral Analysis to identify any mineral deficiencies and imbalances
  • This is followed by two follow up Nutritional Therapy consultations lasting 45 minutes where we review test results and progress
  • Three one hour Hypnofertility sessions with Jo Simons
  • Jo will provide mp3 recordings for you to listen to between sessions

Please book in for a free Discovery Call to find out more about our Nutritional Therapy and Hypnofertility package