Emily Fawell is a Fertility Nutritionist in Ealing, West London. She works with individuals and couples to improve their fertility through nutrition.

Emily is very proud to have contributed to help in a number of successful pregnancies in West London and beyond. She has helped couples with “unexplained” infertility and women who have had previous and recurrent miscarriages, and low progesterone levels.

Her approach involves a thorough understanding of your current nutritional status. She determines this using a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and the results of a Hair Mineral Analysis test. This is a simple, non-invasive test that gives a good insight into essential and toxic mineral status.

She will then give you an individualised Health Improvement Programme, and Supplement Plan with the aim of addressing any imbalances and optimising your diet for conception.

Depending on your situation and symptoms, she may recommend you other functional tests, including hormone tests, to try and identify the possible underlying cause of fertility problems.

Fertility Nutritionist London - Ealing, West London

Fertility Nutritionist London Services

Fertility Package for one person:

  • Initial consultation (75 mins)
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Two follow up consultations (45 mins each)

Total cost: £375

Fertility Package for a couple:

  • 2 Initial consultations (2 x 75 mins)
  • 2x Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Four follow up consultations (45 mins each)

Total cost: £689

Fertility Nutritionist London Testimonials

“We had been trying for a second child for several years with no joy but I didn’t want to take drugs or have IVF.

When a friend suggested I contact Emily for help with fertility through nutrition, I was sceptical but willing to give it a shot. I had a hair mineral analysis which showed that I was deficient in many of the minerals that support the reproductive system. With Emily’s support and guidance on the right supplements and diet, we were thrilled to go on to get pregnant within a matter of months and 9 months on, we have a beautiful baby boy.

The whole experience was further enhanced by the fact that I looked and felt so much healthier too! I would thoroughly recommend Emily Fawell. Professional, diligent and caring, she helped me to achieve everything I had hoped for and more.”

Mrs S, West London

Nutritional therapy has been a huge help to me. Through the Zest4Life programme, I lost a stone and a half very easily and conceived my third child naturally after two previous IVF pregnancies.

One of the consultants advised that this was possibly because I was at my optimum weight (I now wonder whether I would have been able to avoid IVF altogether if I had realized the importance of weight control earlier, although I’ll never know the answer to that question – I never thought it would be so easy to lose that much weight).

Following a history of gestational diabetes and obstetric cholestasis, I then used nutritional therapy to try and avoid these complications recurring in my third pregnancy, and this worked.

The hospital warned me that most people who have cholestasis do get it again in later pregnancies, but I am convinced that the weight loss and subsequent healthy eating were behind my ability to stay well and allow the pregnancy to reach full term.

Mrs C, Ealing

Stress and Fertility

Stress can often be a significant factor in the inability to conceive and for this reason, Emily has paired up with Jo Simons, an Ealing based Hypnotherapist and Reflexologist, who offers Hypno-fertility to those trying to conceive.

Click here to find out about their joint package


4Well People is based in Ealing, West London, at Bridge to Health. If you are unable to visit Emily in Ealing Skype consultations are available. I also offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation for you to decide whether Nutritional Therapy is right for you.

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